Some projects I did(to be continued)

Issue tracker web app

Here is a issue tracker builds in Google firebase with login features. You can create, update, delete and view the issues. There are 2 sets of storage one in firebase's database another one is local JSON. Building with HTML, CSS and JSON with progressive web development tools.

filp board version of 2048

A version of 2048 game gives player's ability to flip board for more fun.

Kaggle 5000 movie data analysis

A throughout analysis on the Kaggle's IMDB 5000 movie database. The analysis focus on the question "What makes a good movie" and we analyzed from several perspectives like the production company and genres of the movies. This is the final project for COGS 108: data science in practice in UCSD and it's being accolated as one of the best. This project is coded in Python using packages including Panda and Scikit.

Small gadget for hiding files in Unix

A small gadget help to hide files in Unix system. Using shell programming langauge

Some other things

Photo Gallery

Check out some pictures by me! (you can also see them in my Instagram though)